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Howdy Friends and fellow color lovers…  Just an FYI that this lovely space has packed its bags and landed back in the fabulous world of LULU Land….  you can now follow LULu Wanderlust here: http://lulupainting.com/

From now on I’ll be posting dizzily and very colorfully from my website… Hope to see you all over there…

Thanks for all the good times on here!  Oh the places we shall go!!!!




Hi People

Gypsy Jean

Gypsy Jean

I’m on a blog hiatus…but its for a VERY VERY VERY special reason!  My blog/website is currently under construction…its being bulldozed as we speak by my very talented friend JOE TOWER.

I can not WAIT to share with all of you what he is up to!!!  Give me 2 weeks… and then come back and see the new colors of LULU!!!  I have so many wonderful things to share with all of you once we get this things up and running!
Until then, Hugs, High fives and Happy Painting,

Nothing But Love,


almost homelesshttp://www.flickr.com/photos/isaacarvold

4 of Minneapolis’s most innovative and inspiring artists: Isaac Arvold, Eric Inkala, John Grider, and Keiko Yagishita followed up their 2007 “Almost Famous” show with the 2009 “ALMOST HOMELESS” on March 28th at the First Amendment Gallery.  Here is what you missed…

The past month, no scratch that the past few months have been a mixture of utter chaos and composure in my household.  The past couple of days have been a mixture of  TOTAL CHAOS and some of the best times to ever be held under our roof.  Thank you to everyone who made this weekend so special!!!  Nothing makes me happier than a house full of laughter, and cheers!

my handsomehe’s so handsome!!!!!

what i am most proud of today, at this very second, in these very moments is my boyfriend Jacob. He has been working his tail feather off at Rhymesayers trying to get everything he can in order for today’s BIG HUGE HIP HOP EVENT Soundset.

Jake is one of the hardest workers that I know.  His dedication to his job is something that I think many of us should all envy a little.  It makes me feel like no-matter what, everything is going to be all right because I am dating a man that is not only in love with me, but is in love with his work.

I’m most proud of him at this moment because the bid days is here!!!  The day that he has been working so hard to go wonderfully for around 16,000 fans.  UM HELLO… 16 THOUSAND Fans. That’s bananas.  I have a few hundred clients how on earth would I manage 16,000?

Jacob has been busy blogging for ipso facto…(if you do not read his blog, now is the time to start, he is an intellectual, funny, sarcastic, and insightful blogger…and always bringing people fresh musical insights or silly topics.)

Jacob has also been busy in ways I will never understand over at the Rhymesayers office….things I will never fully understand…Computers and codes are just not my cup of tea.  He’s been up late in our dining room…working on Soundset stuff.  Having late night meetings with one my great buddies Joe Tower building a Soundset Blog on WordPress…to give people fresh, updates as to who’s performing, where to be for autographs, specialty items, and the behind the scenes SCENES!!!! soundset

He’s worked so long and hard and today everything comes together for one stellar celebration of Hip Hop, Artists, Talented Folk like my man Jacob and so much more!!!  I’m so excited to head over there and see the fruits of his and so many others labors.  I’m so proud of my boyfriend for being such an innovator in technology, and passionate employee in this world.  If you want to follow his updates you should peep:

Tomorrow we will celebrate the end of the 2009 Soundset by having a BBQ bash in the backyard!!!  Your all invited..

Hip Hop Hugs and Kisses to my boyfriend…See you at Soundset!!!


I’m dreaming dizzily about potentially purchasing this pin-tuck duvet cover by West Elm… Its so hard to resist at only $99 for  a 100%  organic cotton duvet for our new queen bed.  I personally love the sea spray best for our richly dark bedroom…but really all the colors are too cozy to turn a blind eye.


Sea Spray is the middle color shown.

west elm blue bedding

Oh how chilly days just beg you to keep your booty in bed and laze about in the warm covers with a good book and some tea…  Mmmmm Tea sounds great about now.  I think I will go fix myself a cup of some jasmine green!

xo lulu

Its strawberry season and with that comes days picking and enjoying juicy bites of colorful strawberry heaven.  I can remember strawberry picking with my Grampy when I was just a wee little one.  I would carefully pick the biggest ones I could find, and try to fill each green container till it was overflowing with goodness.  If you love eating strawberries why not take it a step further… How about some strawberry inspired paint colors and rooms?


country living

Strawberry walls that look so scrumptious you just want to eat them…or at least dance around by them a little.  Yummy Yummy walls!

staw room



A strawberry shortcake special!!!


ripe color

Try these:

mialnostraw paint

Benjamin Moore Milano Red:1313

To pick your own in MPLS try:

Bauer Berry Farm!

Delish!!!  If you know of a great Strawberry paint color or have a room you would like to show off please share!!!

pink & blu


Easter may be long gone by now but flirty colors like pink and blue are still going strong.  Here are a few rooms and color combos to help give you a little extra girly bolt this morning!





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