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The first week in March 2008 I ventured to Chicago, IL to attend the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes.  This was a chance for me to broaden my product knowledge and decorative creativity in the painting world.  It was hands down the greatest school for ‘decorative painters’ that I have ever attended.  I recommend it highly to anyone who is interested in learning more painting techniques from the best of the best!

Kathy Carrol of ‘Faux by Kathy’ is an absolute master of painting magic as far as I am concerned. Kathy also has the most welcoming, loving, and talented staff in the Industry.   I am endlessly thankful to her, her fellow painters and friends, and all the other students who attended class that week.  It was a truly a memorable experience, and I wish you all nothing but great success in this wonderful Industry!

 I have learned 16 new ‘fantatstic’ finishes that are out of this world and I can not wait to show them all off. If your interested in seeing these new finishes please contact me by email to set up a meeting @ lulupainting@gmail.com .  Each finish is more stunning then the next, and I know you will go just as goo goo ga ga over them as I have!  Also, please check out Kathy’s website for inspiration or ideas, it shouldn’t be a problem for me to replicate any of the finishes or colors showcased on her website, its: fauxbykathy.com .

 Thanks again To Kathy Carrol and the gang at the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes!  Here’s looking forward to coming back and SOON! 



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