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I saw this video posted on facebook today and for some reason decided to watch.  It completely re-energized me, reminding me of the magic in this world if even momentarily.  I played ball growing up, mostly because of my grandfathers influence, but I loved it nonetheless. Watching this video reminded me of the enthusiasm, and great joy that can come from one basket in a game.  This kid is sheer awesomness.  Gampy, this ones for you! HOT AS A PISTOL!


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I found this interesting!  thought I’d share.  Taking graffiti to a whole new level. I really appreciate all the media propaganda being morphed into something worth giggling at verses being force fed into our domes.  There is enough advertisement around. WE GET IT!  Right on to the mystery dude, shredding nonsense and making it more interesting.


with painty love, LULU

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Do you know of someone who is either handicapped or an Iraqi War vet who is in need of a little home sweet home pick me up?  HGTV is on its search for its first project here in the Twin Cities for a new show with an extreme makeover feel, without the demolition and total overhaul. Here is the article they put together:

We are looking for Disabled homeowners and Iraqi war vets who have suffered a dibilitating injury or have lost their husband or wife in the war on terrorism.
We are a local Home Improvement co. that will be making a Home Improvement show with the intent of having it aired on either HGTV or DIY network. The type of project we are looking to do will be a kitchen or master bathroom(or both)makeover. For consideration you MUST submit at least a 5 minute DVD (no vcr please). Included in your dvd. 1.) Show us your kitchen, master bedroom and bath. 2.)Tell us about yourself. We want to know YOU, your family, your situation, how you became disabled. Please be thorough. This video is how we will be selecting you. Mail it to: Keith Black 11495 16th st. NE St.Michael, Mn. 55376
No emails will be accepted or answered, DVD only. All entries must be submitted no later than Mar. 12th 2009!! Thank you and good luck!
Filming will be spring 09′

What fun to finally give back!!!!

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Complimentary Yoga

Each and Every Saturday at 9:30am
2313 W. 50th Street (50th and Penn), Mpls

Join us this Saturday for an exhilarating hour of yoga with Mary Sage coming to us from Yoga Center of Minneapolis. Join us after class for a light snack and peruse our latest product. We are proud to have CorePower Yoga as our Studio of the Month for February – Check our our website for more details: www.lululemon.com/minneapolis/minneapolisshowroom


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The cold winters start making me dream of cheery ocean blues… If I can’t have them beneath my feet I’ll at least take them on my walls.  I saw this wall color in Domino Mag a few months ago and am starting to think it may be time to cheer up one of the dull cold rooms in our home.  This color is called majestic blue # 2051-40 by Benjamin Moore.  It appears to have a rich undertone and if you can get past the holiday wreath decoration a real cheery and uplifting element comes shining though.  It makes me want to make a warm mug of chai tea latte and sit under a cozy blanket reading island fairy tales while day dreaming of my next beachy encounter.

photo: Ditte Isager

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In this months Domino Mag, I was awestruck by the bold use of color in Designer Mary Mcdonalds home.  In case you didn’t get the magazine this month I wanted to share with you the images that spoke to me the most.  I love seeing brave moves and bold use of color in peoples homes.  Nothing excites me more than walking into a new clients home and seeing what colors have best suited them in the past by being painted all over there walls.  Color speaks! and sometimes it speaks LOUDLY!

gasl_mary_mcdonald_03 In this room Mary used wall paint:(similar to shown) Mustang #2111-30, benjaminmoore.com

In the article in Domino Mag Mary claims that “Symmetry balances the screwy things you add.”  This photo does not       entirely do the room justice.  In the magazine you can see the two Chinese figures more clearly that were painted onto the  walls on either side of the Pagoda headboard. She used a projection screen to reflect the figures on the walls and then simply painted them in.  Now I’m just waiting for one of you to call me with your own image to project on a wall to be painted.  Oh please!

Also, you can barely see this in the photo but its worth mentioning.  She had her ceiling painted in a glossy sharp red.  I think its the perfect compliment to the rich walls and clean and graphic accents.

You can view her full photographic house tour at: http://www.dominomag.com/galleries/2009/02/mary_mcdonald?slide=4

gasl_mary_mcdonald_05To the right is Mary’s version of EYE POPPING Walls…and by golly do they POP. Wall paint: (similar to shown) Huntington Green #406, Black Iron #2120-20, Courtyard Green #546, Rhododendron #2079-50 and Springtime Bloom #2079-40, all at benjaminmoore.com for stores. To me the walls in this room look like a beautiful present just waiting to be opened.  This is such an easy finish to achieve if you have a lot of high quality tape and even more patience and time.  My heart goes out to the crew who put this spectacular wall together.  It looks very crisp, preppy, and most importantly its a FUN room! Read more or subscribe to Domino Mag @ http://www.dominomag.com/

with colorful bold love, LULU

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#5 Latex Paint Remover

Mötsenböcker’s Lift Off® #5 Latex Based Paint Remover is a unique formulation that is truly water–based and biodegradable. It was designed to specifically remove latex based paints from all surfaces including carpet, clothing, upholstery, brick, concrete and more! Lift Off® #5 works great for all latex based paint clean up from tools to overspray.

Features and Benefits

Latex Based Paint Remover Green Cross Certified Low–VOC Water–Based Biodegradable Safe for the Environment & User

Works On:

New & Old Paint • Drips & Splatters • Wood Stains • Enamels • Oversprays • Latex Low–, Semi– & High–Gloss Paints • Latex Aerosols * Latex Enamels • Water–Based Sealers • Linseed Oils • Lacquer • Stencil Paints & More!

Safe On:

Carpeting • Fiberglass • Tools • Hands • Fabrics • Brick • Concrete • Upholstery • Spray Equipment • Brushes • Furniture • Non–washables • Floors • Washables • Linoleum • Tile • Counter–tops • Wood • Cars & More!

You can find this product at Home Depot or Ace’s Hardware stores.  I’ve heard testimonials of this product ridding of 200 year plus paint jobs on furniture, but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet… Have you?  Let me know what you think of this product.  Sounds like a dream come true for those of us used to using messy, stinky, fumey, products.  They also have products for tape, graffiti, ink and other stains…

you can view them all and read more at: http://liftoffinc.com/product-latex-paint-remover.php


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