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Interactive Wallpaper

Love these darling decals…They make such a nice JOLT to some otherwise blank white walls. I’m just buzzing with ideas for them…. Wouldn’t they be lovely all bunched together as a headboard?

Perhaps I’ll have to try these on for size and see what other fun ways I can come up with to use them.


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Tina Feys new digs

Hi there!   Do you love America’s quirky little sweetheart  Tina Fey like she’s loved in our house?    We can’t seem to get enough of all things Tina Fey.  Everything that gal touches turns to gold!  Well, you have officially entered a Tina Fey love only zone…  but I did have a brief moment earlier today when I saw pictures of her new apartment and thought to myself… ‘NO WAY, there is absolutely NO way that that is Tina Fey’s style?’

Please take a look for yourself and let me know what you think…


feyapt31feyapt11You can view more information about the new apartment here:


Looks like this is the previous owners style… Phew.  I know Tina Fey would have some yummy colors somewhere in her home.  Or at least I hope!

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“. . . on April 22, 1970, Earth Day was held, one of the most
remarkable happenings in the history of democracy. . . ”

-American Heritage Magazine, October 1993

I feel so blessed to be a part of a time that is taking into account our beautiful world.  This place has and never will stop amazing me.  Our environment is a precious and beautiful place filled with mystery and inspiration.  My partners and I are trying every single day to make Patina Designs and Lulu Painting full”green” painting companies.  Here are a few of things we have been doing to help our environment and the environment at our clients homes.

  1. USE THE INTERNET:We no longer print out paper recipe cards for classes and demo’s that we are instructing.  We put the recipes on-line for folks to look up at their discretion.
  2. VOC FREE PAINTS:We use low VOC or NO VOC paints.  These are paints that do not contain toxic amounts of cancer causing  volatile organic compounds.
  3. WASH WHAT YOU HAVE:We wash out all our brushes, rollers, naps, trays, and paint cans, so as to not over use products that end up in landfills.  Some of us have paint brushes that are 3 years old and still work like new.  It can be a pain at times but its worth it in the long haul and also helps with costs!
  4. RE-USABLE JARS: We use old glass pickle jars and plastic yogurt containers to mix our color samples or glazes in.
  5. RECYCLE:We recycle our clients paint cans for them.  How many of you have old paint just sitting in your basement unused and collecting dust.  By bringing these unusable paints to a recycling center folks who are thrifty can pick them up for next to nothing to be used.
  6. RE-NEW:We re-paint cabinetry.  This is our hottest selling service right now.  Folks seem to be using what they have and making it how they want rather than wasting money on NEW, and putting the old in a landfill.  We can take any dated, ugly kitchen, and make it gorgeous!
  7. RECYCLE WORK SITE TRASH:We recycle our old paint cans and water bottles from work sites.  We have a lot of trash that builds up on a work site but a lot of it can be recycles if you just take the time.
  8. WASH:We run our rags through the wash instead of throwing them away.
  9. SUPPORT “GREEN” BUSINESS, (or at least ones that are striving to be that ways)We support Sherwin Williams by purchasing their recycled brushes, trays, and rollers instead of purchasing ones that are not made from recycled materials.
  10. GET CREATIVE:We cut up our rags from old sheets and towels instead of purchasing a bag of them at the paint supply store.  All of us have old towels or cloths that could be used as rags.  Why on earth would you buy rags when it takes two seconds to make your own?

What are some ways that you help to make your business or life a little better for the environment?  Do you have any other suggestions for us?  We like to think that we are very crafty but there is always room for more!  What other ways do you think we could help make our painting company even “greener”?

To view one of my many green DIY projects please read: https://lulupainting.wordpress.com/2009/02/26/painting-and-stenciling-a-bench-for-steph/

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Spring is here and is currently in full effect.  Aside from all the cleaning and organizing a good way to make your space refreshed and renewed for a lively summer is to add a fresh coat of some cheerful hues to your walls.

Here’s a few shades that I’m buzzing over this Spring!


This vibrant color is just bursting with energy and warmth.  Its a combination of both yellow and red so it holds elements of beauty and celebration!






This is the official color of the year 2009 as launched by Pantone.  Hindus in India wear Yellow to celebrate the festival of Spring and to holistic healers Yellow is the color of peace.  This energizing color is surely going to be livening up homes and spaces more this year than ever before.

keithscottmorton-countrylivingKeith Scott Morton



This cozy color brings a big ol smile to my face every time I walk into a room filled with it.  Like Red this is the color of beauty.  I personally believe this is the joyous color, one that invokes a room full of giddy laughs and lullabies.




Purple is a royal color, fit for any season it suggests refinement along with grace, elegance, and something a little different and special from other colors.  I double dog dare you to paint one of your rooms purple and then enjoy the energy that bursts out of it.



and last but not least…


Turquoise is a real crowd pleaser and mood enhancer…Its sweetly feminine with a lively sophistication that’s strong enough for men but delicate enough for women.  It stems from the colors of water…think beach…think swimming…think vacation.  Now deck your walls with rich colors that make you think  of these wonderful things every day.



Now get to work!  Don’t just wait for summer to come and brighten up your world with sunshine and open airy windows.  Your home should be filled with love and joy.  It should be filled with all things that make you smile and inspire you or make you happy.  Enjoy yourself by enjoying your space with some lovable cheery colours!!

colorful hugs. lulu

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My girlfriend Destiny is dating a lovely man named David Menne.  David is a UFC fighter, and for the past 3 years he has been out of commission dealing with lime disease.  He is a champion fighter but due to his sickness became so weak he couldn’t fight anymore and as a result lost his endorsements and contracts with UFC.

David was a killer before he got sick.  Everyone knew his name and he flew to places like Vietnam and Japan to  fight. He spent his time away from his life’s work teaching fighters like Roger Huerta and others.  Not one of his students have lost a fight under his lead.  Destiny describes his fighting style to me like poetry…she exclaims that he fights like a game of Russian Roulette, I’ll let you use your imagination in fear of giving away too much.

He is such a sweet strong man and has fought for so long and so hard to be back in the cage and to have the strength to fight again.  This past Friday David went out to Oklahoma for his first fight after gaining his strength back by being a  vigilant warrior with his diet and exercise program.  He fought against a man named Norman Paisley, who I hear is a pretty mean looking “Martha Focker”.

Destiny was beside herself with anxiety about the fight.  The past few months have been a series of  long drawn out conversations between the two of us…Her exploding with her love for him and  also her fear of sabotaging her relationship by being too much of an emotional female during these important times.  Me, reminding her how amazing she is, and how lucky they are to have found each other.

We spent a total of 4 hours talking on the phone the day before his fight.  We knew he was going to win, but the pressure seemed so thick right before hand, that she couldn’t distinguish which direction to fall, even naturally, it was all a dizzying energy that I tried blindly to guide her through.

They met as she danced  on his fighting stage a year ago.  The night of his come back fight Destiny had to stay home due to her fears and finances.  The night of Davids fight Destiny got booked to dance for Bad Boy Bill at Epic Nightclub.  She stepped on stage at the exact same time that David was fighting and instinctively knew that they were both hearing the music and dancing their own dance at the same time.  Destiny was the first on stage in a line of dancers and after her first 15 minutes were up, after she spent those 15 minutes singing to him from home, she ran to her phone and got the text message we knew would eventually come.


This is a whole new time for him and them now.  I’m so happy for him, Congratulations David!!!  I’ll be heading to Chicago on May 15th with Destiny to hold her hand, while her man fights through his comeback.  If  Britney can do it, then so can David!!!  He has a whole world of supporters out there, everyone wants him to be back and he finally  is!  What an exciting year 2009 has already turned out to be.

Never Ever Ever Give Up!

love, lulu

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strange beds?

burgerbedwhat up Burger Bed?  Really?  this is amazing!!!!   Someone has to have a pretty severe love of burgers to own this meaty oasis.  I can see my boyfriend salivating from here… NO JAKE!!!!  I can’t tell if there are pickles in there or not?  Perfect for force feeding kids your personal taste, or perhaps a bed fit for the actual Burger King?

Jake and I are in the market for a new bed.  We must be growing or something?  With the monster (kitty) on the bed with us all night, and best friends with tickets to come for long visits we need a new bed pretty fast…I can’t wait to have the guest room all ready and cozy for Corn’s (best friend) visit.

All this bed business got me browsing some pretty outrageous beds on-line…I decided some of them wouldn’t be the coziest of digs but…still could happen, you never know.

Here are some of my favorite wacky, wild, beds on-line.

bedThe Starry Night bed: May not look like much but this $50,000 bed  can  identify weird snores, or movements and then guides itself with different ways to help you overcome it and get a better nights sleep. The Starry Bed is flexible to be adapted to your body temperature, on either side and helps you maintain a personal log of your sleep time which is reflected on a bedside monitor.   It also  sports a surround sound system equipped with four subwoofers, a suspended 10-foot screen on the wall, a PC with wireless keyboard and internet connectivity and holds over 200,000 songs and 2,000 hours of video.  Suddenly the movie Wall-E is coming to mind.


The Floating bed runs anywhere from $2,000- $3,000… seems lovely for an outside treat but I Can’t imagine floating away every single night.

strange-bed http://weirdositylives.blogspot.com/2009/01/wordless-wednesday-strange-beds.html


bedscatMonster is digging this Ikea  kitty bed, he has fingers crossed that we will pick this one!

I’m not too sure about any of these… A burger bed would be great in concept or for a kid but Monster isn’t really a kid, although he sure acts like one.  What are some of the strange beds that you have found?  I would love to see more pictures or hear stories!  Have any of you actually had the pleasure of sleeping in any of these beauties above?


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I adore Elizabeth Gilberts book EAT,PRAY, LOVE!!!   It came to me at such a wonderful point in my life.  The words on each page took me somewhere deeper within myself, and connected me to a story that is not mine, but felt like mine through her eyes.  I am very excited for her next book to soon be released and happened upon this beautiful lecture by her on how to nurture your own creative genius!   Any and all Creatives should watch this fully!  Ole! lulu

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