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I was getting all excited about one of my best friends beautiful poetry the other day…  I decided I want to paint my favorite poem by her entitled “HOME” on one of  the walls in my kitchen…or maybe on the wall that I face in my office.  Its a beautiful poem… She is a beautiful writer.  Once I get a hard copy I will be sure to share it with all of you!

Its about Home, and Love, and Nesting and Ruffling your feathers… It always makes me warm and fuzzy when I read it.

This got me poking around on-line, and I noticed some pretty rocking decals for decent prices on Urban Outfitters.  Here’s a better idea though… Find the ones you like and then make stencils.. way more freedom and much more cost effective.

Here are a few of my favs…


Who doesn’t love trees?


cute idea to spruce up some furniture.  Add a little interest.  Art is not only for your walls!


Darling little blue birds…


Spread your wings and fly!!!

All can be found at urbanoutfitters.com

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I missed it… I was so excited for the Benjamin Moore Color Pulse.  I couldn’t wait to be  introduced to the 2010 colors from one of my favorite paint companies.  I invited one of my most treasured designers, Erica Cooper, and was even more excited to catch up with her.  I registered, I even saw the reminder for the event on Twitter and somehow, I managed to not put the info in my calendar.


Is it just that time of year?  Where the work is plentiful and I’m such a busy little worker bee that something so important could just slip my mind?

I spoke with Erica as she was driving home from the event and she mentioned that she found  it to be  a bit disappointing.  She mentioned that the colors seemed really far out and that it was hard to visualize incorporating radical fuchsias into her Minnesota clients homes.  Perhaps she was just trying to make me feel better.

Regardless, I missed the event.  I’ll be hitting up Hirshfield’s to grab a color pulse book.  At least I’ll have that.  You can get one here:   http://www.benjaminmoore.com

Jake and I sat in bed last night as I shared my woes about missing the Color Pulse and he mentioned it just was not meant to be… Erica said the same…

He also mentioned that sometimes its god for these things to happen, because it opens your eyes, makes you work a little bit harder and perhaps inspires you to double check something which perhaps may have been looked over.

If it means anything I was having the time of my life during the Color Pulse last night.  My best friends and I were having dance practice at Janessa’s studio.  I remember thinking to myself, “I’m having such a great time” right around the time innovative color ideas were being shared.

and now for my point:

Sometimes, even when you may miss something you think is critical to your profession or to staying on point it can still be a blessing.  For me it was a hidden  blessing in a whole new light.  A chance to step away from my work, without feeling guilty, mostly because I was none the wiser, but that’s a part of what I needed in order to step away.  I would not have gone to be with my girlfriends if I had scheduled the event accordingly.  I would have missed precious and wonderful time with the girls that I adore  and make me a better person.  I feel renewed just being in there presence.

My main struggle in business is the WORK/LIFE Balance.

Last night life crept in and it was wonderful!!!  I would not change the evening for the world. NAMASTE.

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