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Wood Icing


Here is a beautiful Wood Icing Crackle finish by:

Artist, Kay Perret
Dancing Brush Painting
Puyallup, Wa 98371

I’ll be teaching a Wood Icing class at the Minneapolis Institute of Fine Finishes on May 7th and 8th.  Class costs $199.00 you can call Jean @ 612.374.0221 to register!

Hope to see you there!


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My grandmother shared this with me… How silly, and exciting, and simply wonderful.  If I was there I would have been dancing and singing about with the best of them, I still know all the words!!!  Get about two minutes in….

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Painted Roof Tiles?

Leave it to Disney to get wildly creative with any and every part of a building…My Disney obsessed sister sent me this photo from a recent trip of painters getting creative on a roof, making it appear like ceramic tiling!

Way to go!


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The past few weeks have been like a mecca of wild finishes in my world.   Each finish we are doing seems to be getting brighter, bolder, more elaborate then the last.  Metallic’s are everywhere.  When I glimpse through ourglas portfolio I feel like I see so very many different examples of how to use metallic’s.

We are currently working on locking down some finishes for a new lounge downtown.  They are going for a real swanky feel, but don’t have a large budget for painting.  Originally they have planned to do straight metallic on all of the main walls.  I’m making it my personal obligation to make sure they do NOT do this.  There is nothing swanky about straight metallic paint on a mass of big walls.  They often appear, poorly applied,  can take up too much time and money with numerous coats of paint, and priming, and even more often appear like regular paint in dark rooms with poor lighting.


I work with a designer that has made this faux paw before in a nightclub and told her about the lounges intentions.  In this discussion she mentioned a beautiful glass beaded wall paper which was super swanky.  She sent me the link, and we started dreaming away about dressing some beautiful place up with it.


This wallpaper is swanky town USA…  If your interested in picking some up go to:


Its not that expensive considering how glamorous and fabulous it is.  How wonderful it would be for an accent wall, or in the back of a shelving unit!!!

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