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strange beds?

burgerbedwhat up Burger Bed?  Really?  this is amazing!!!!   Someone has to have a pretty severe love of burgers to own this meaty oasis.  I can see my boyfriend salivating from here… NO JAKE!!!!  I can’t tell if there are pickles in there or not?  Perfect for force feeding kids your personal taste, or perhaps a bed fit for the actual Burger King?

Jake and I are in the market for a new bed.  We must be growing or something?  With the monster (kitty) on the bed with us all night, and best friends with tickets to come for long visits we need a new bed pretty fast…I can’t wait to have the guest room all ready and cozy for Corn’s (best friend) visit.

All this bed business got me browsing some pretty outrageous beds on-line…I decided some of them wouldn’t be the coziest of digs but…still could happen, you never know.

Here are some of my favorite wacky, wild, beds on-line.

bedThe Starry Night bed: May not look like much but this $50,000 bed  can  identify weird snores, or movements and then guides itself with different ways to help you overcome it and get a better nights sleep. The Starry Bed is flexible to be adapted to your body temperature, on either side and helps you maintain a personal log of your sleep time which is reflected on a bedside monitor.   It also  sports a surround sound system equipped with four subwoofers, a suspended 10-foot screen on the wall, a PC with wireless keyboard and internet connectivity and holds over 200,000 songs and 2,000 hours of video.  Suddenly the movie Wall-E is coming to mind.


The Floating bed runs anywhere from $2,000- $3,000… seems lovely for an outside treat but I Can’t imagine floating away every single night.

strange-bed http://weirdositylives.blogspot.com/2009/01/wordless-wednesday-strange-beds.html


bedscatMonster is digging this Ikea  kitty bed, he has fingers crossed that we will pick this one!

I’m not too sure about any of these… A burger bed would be great in concept or for a kid but Monster isn’t really a kid, although he sure acts like one.  What are some of the strange beds that you have found?  I would love to see more pictures or hear stories!  Have any of you actually had the pleasure of sleeping in any of these beauties above?


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