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Greetings, I'm a Twin Cities based Commercial and Residential Decorative Painter. I'm also a teacher of Decorative Painting, cabinetry and furniture over at the Minneapolis Institute of Fine Finishes. I work mostly with designers, builders, and other industry partners, but am always happy to do an interior or exterior "regular" painting job for new and existing clients. I'm in the works of having a role on an upcoming HGTV show, and am very passionate about PAINT, COLOUR, and our environment. I use mostly eco-friendly products on job sites and am always looking for ways to further "green" up my Industry. I love meeting new designers and being inspired by wild trends and forecasts. I also love hearing about new products, new uses for old things, or just making new friends that are passionate about similar or totally different things. I love YOGA, Running, peonies, lavender, lilacs, sunshine, books, great movies, kitty cats, and delish meals and beverages so You will probably be reading lots about these subjects as well. I have a great network of friends just bursting with gifted talents that I love to share with my readers as well! I use the words YAY, and exclamation points more than most and am very pleased to read your comments, thoughts, opinions, and ideas!!!!!! I am currently a member of the Stencil Artisans League, Inc. (SALI), The Philanthropic Chair for The Nothern Territory Artisans (NTA), International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA), Business Network International (BNI). I regularly attend classes at various schools including throughout the country to keep my craft current, creative and to also continue to grow as a decorative painter. Thats enough about me...now lets hear about YOU!

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