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Howdy Friends and fellow color lovers…  Just an FYI that this lovely space has packed its bags and landed back in the fabulous world of LULU Land….  you can now follow LULu Wanderlust here: http://lulupainting.com/

From now on I’ll be posting dizzily and very colorfully from my website… Hope to see you all over there…

Thanks for all the good times on here!  Oh the places we shall go!!!!



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Hi People

Gypsy Jean

Gypsy Jean

I’m on a blog hiatus…but its for a VERY VERY VERY special reason!  My blog/website is currently under construction…its being bulldozed as we speak by my very talented friend JOE TOWER.

I can not WAIT to share with all of you what he is up to!!!  Give me 2 weeks… and then come back and see the new colors of LULU!!!  I have so many wonderful things to share with all of you once we get this things up and running!
Until then, Hugs, High fives and Happy Painting,

Nothing But Love,


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almost homelesshttp://www.flickr.com/photos/isaacarvold

4 of Minneapolis’s most innovative and inspiring artists: Isaac Arvold, Eric Inkala, John Grider, and Keiko Yagishita followed up their 2007 “Almost Famous” show with the 2009 “ALMOST HOMELESS” on March 28th at the First Amendment Gallery.  Here is what you missed…

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I’m dreaming dizzily about potentially purchasing this pin-tuck duvet cover by West Elm… Its so hard to resist at only $99 for  a 100%  organic cotton duvet for our new queen bed.  I personally love the sea spray best for our richly dark bedroom…but really all the colors are too cozy to turn a blind eye.


Sea Spray is the middle color shown.

west elm blue bedding

Oh how chilly days just beg you to keep your booty in bed and laze about in the warm covers with a good book and some tea…  Mmmmm Tea sounds great about now.  I think I will go fix myself a cup of some jasmine green!

xo lulu

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I have to head out the door to do demo’s at the Minneapolis Institute of Fine Finishes Open House today but, the ever so sweet Nancy Jansson from ‘Affirming Spirit’ http://www.affirmingspirit.com/ sent this over to me this morning and I just had to share it with all of you.

This girl rocks!!!!  Design student Sara Watson Decorative finished her car to DISAPPEAR!!!!  read more here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/lancashire/8030766.stm

sara-watsonHave a colorful day everyone!!!!  lulu

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This past week we were able to squeeze in a project over at a new Hip and Cozy Lounge downtown Minneapolis.  Its called Elixir and its located to the left of the Fineline Music Cafe.

I’m calling this Part 1 because I’m going to show you my dark and dusty photos from behind the scenes.  A sort of sneak preview to the venue before its all clean and fabulous.

The Grand Opening will be on May 15th, so we will hope to see you there to celebrate another great establishment by Jado Hark and his team.  I hear the menu is filled with scrumptious goodies and have a feeling I’ll soon be becoming a regular at the new place to eat downtown.

dsc03078Just getting started…

dsc03081Deco Palette Faux Effects

dsc03090Working on one of our signature finishes, “Blue Coral”

dsc03106Finishing up on a Deco Palette/Silkstone Custom finish made unique for Elixir

me-and-terworking on ‘Blue Coral’ Soffit

jadoHandsome Jado in front of Faux Marble beginning stages.

Stay tuned for more pictures…or just go see the real deal on the 15th like everybody else!!!

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dsc03108the view on our back steps!

It was quite the weekend.  Last minute I backed out of the Walk for Animals with Janessa and Keisha because I was so over come with all the buzz in Bryn Mawr.  It was our very first year living in Bryn Mawr for the festivities and I gotta tell you, WE SCORED BIG!!!!!

Originally we intended to participate, and we did for about an hour in the am.  We are pretty laid back when it comes to yard sale pricing…I can’t tell you how many times I said “A dollar” or “fifty cents”.  Our big sellers were Jake’s XBOX, poor thing sat neglected in the closet for over a year.  I’d rather have it make some little boy ungodly happy then sitting in our closet collecting dust.

Isabella and Nathanial joined us in selling and helped to put stickers on everything.  Then after an hour we packed up our yard sale and spent the rest of the day strolling around the neighborhood checking out people’s junk and in some cases paying for it, and bringing it home.

Here are some of our photos from the day!!!

dsc03112Behind our house!!!

dsc03113People eating hot dogs at Church

dsc03115We went for the MINI Donuts vs the corn dogs.



we met this guy who was WICKED into it!  The Garge sale fairy!!!  Good times had by all!


We scored in total: 1 bench, 6 chairs, 1 book case, 1 small table, 1 super fury Jacket, 2 Sorrel winter Boots, and 1 buffet all for the heavy cost of $50.00 which we made at our sale, so we pretty much broke even.  We will be better prepared for next years garage sale and have a whole slew of goodies to sell!  I can’t get wait to get paint on all the new furniture!

Hurray for Yard Sale season!!!!


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