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dsc03108the view on our back steps!

It was quite the weekend.  Last minute I backed out of the Walk for Animals with Janessa and Keisha because I was so over come with all the buzz in Bryn Mawr.  It was our very first year living in Bryn Mawr for the festivities and I gotta tell you, WE SCORED BIG!!!!!

Originally we intended to participate, and we did for about an hour in the am.  We are pretty laid back when it comes to yard sale pricing…I can’t tell you how many times I said “A dollar” or “fifty cents”.  Our big sellers were Jake’s XBOX, poor thing sat neglected in the closet for over a year.  I’d rather have it make some little boy ungodly happy then sitting in our closet collecting dust.

Isabella and Nathanial joined us in selling and helped to put stickers on everything.  Then after an hour we packed up our yard sale and spent the rest of the day strolling around the neighborhood checking out people’s junk and in some cases paying for it, and bringing it home.

Here are some of our photos from the day!!!

dsc03112Behind our house!!!

dsc03113People eating hot dogs at Church

dsc03115We went for the MINI Donuts vs the corn dogs.



we met this guy who was WICKED into it!  The Garge sale fairy!!!  Good times had by all!


We scored in total: 1 bench, 6 chairs, 1 book case, 1 small table, 1 super fury Jacket, 2 Sorrel winter Boots, and 1 buffet all for the heavy cost of $50.00 which we made at our sale, so we pretty much broke even.  We will be better prepared for next years garage sale and have a whole slew of goodies to sell!  I can’t get wait to get paint on all the new furniture!

Hurray for Yard Sale season!!!!


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I missed it… I was so excited for the Benjamin Moore Color Pulse.  I couldn’t wait to be  introduced to the 2010 colors from one of my favorite paint companies.  I invited one of my most treasured designers, Erica Cooper, and was even more excited to catch up with her.  I registered, I even saw the reminder for the event on Twitter and somehow, I managed to not put the info in my calendar.


Is it just that time of year?  Where the work is plentiful and I’m such a busy little worker bee that something so important could just slip my mind?

I spoke with Erica as she was driving home from the event and she mentioned that she found  it to be  a bit disappointing.  She mentioned that the colors seemed really far out and that it was hard to visualize incorporating radical fuchsias into her Minnesota clients homes.  Perhaps she was just trying to make me feel better.

Regardless, I missed the event.  I’ll be hitting up Hirshfield’s to grab a color pulse book.  At least I’ll have that.  You can get one here:   http://www.benjaminmoore.com

Jake and I sat in bed last night as I shared my woes about missing the Color Pulse and he mentioned it just was not meant to be… Erica said the same…

He also mentioned that sometimes its god for these things to happen, because it opens your eyes, makes you work a little bit harder and perhaps inspires you to double check something which perhaps may have been looked over.

If it means anything I was having the time of my life during the Color Pulse last night.  My best friends and I were having dance practice at Janessa’s studio.  I remember thinking to myself, “I’m having such a great time” right around the time innovative color ideas were being shared.

and now for my point:

Sometimes, even when you may miss something you think is critical to your profession or to staying on point it can still be a blessing.  For me it was a hidden  blessing in a whole new light.  A chance to step away from my work, without feeling guilty, mostly because I was none the wiser, but that’s a part of what I needed in order to step away.  I would not have gone to be with my girlfriends if I had scheduled the event accordingly.  I would have missed precious and wonderful time with the girls that I adore  and make me a better person.  I feel renewed just being in there presence.

My main struggle in business is the WORK/LIFE Balance.

Last night life crept in and it was wonderful!!!  I would not change the evening for the world. NAMASTE.

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Ay yi yi! I’ll take all of the below please.  I’ll surely be scheduling one of each and reporting back on how magical and or marvelous they are.  Now, if I could only find a few teeny slots of time for such luxuries.. and dont forget the coupon at the bottom!!! xo LULU
RejoovMe is Offering new massage techniques just in time for your spring rejoovenation!

In addition to Swedish/relaxation, sports, deep tissue and pregnancy massage, starting April 1st we will now offer:

Thai Massage
Traditional Thai massage is a combination of stretching in yoga-like poses-fully assisted by the therapist, hence the nickname “lazy man’s yoga”-and compressing energy lines and points to open energy channels. Thai massage is more energizing than other forms of massage, renewing your overall health and vitality. Benefits: Helps to relieve pain, ease tension, relax inflamed muscles, improve circulation, reduce stress, improve flexibility and range of motion.
Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing with long pants.
60-120 minutes

Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu, also known as acupressure, is a traditional Japanese form of bodywork performed on a futon mat. The therapist uses his or her hands, elbows, knees and feet to apply pressure on specific points of the body to increase and regulate the body’s energy. Assisted, passive stretching is used to increase energy flow. This type of bodywork is great for many ailments, ranging from anxiety to PMS. Benefits: Helps to reduce stress, increase flexibility, improve blood circulation, increase mental awareness, among others.
Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing with long pants.
60-90 minutes

Abdominal Massage
Abdominal massage can be wonderful for regulating digestive disorders and balancing emotions. The therapist first applies light to medium pressure to the back and then to the abdomen to stimulate healthy internal organ function. Abdominal massage can be a session in itself, lasting 30 minutes, or it can be added on to any massage or Shiatsu session. Benefits: Helps to relieve digestive problems, constipation, female reproductive problems; improve the flow of chi and fluids of the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems.
30 minutes
Individual session $45
Add on to any massage for $30

Reflexology is the application of pressure to the hands and feet on specific points that correspond to internal organs. This type of therapy is non-invasive and relaxing, promoting optimal health. Reflexology can be a session in itself, lasting 30 minutes, or it can be added on to any massage. Benefits: Helps to reduce stress and promote relaxation.
30 minutes
Individual session $45
Add on to any massage for $30

Massage Cupping™ Bodywork Therapy
Cupping dates back to 1550 B.C. This highly effective form of bodywork therapy uses negative pressure to treat new pain, chronic pain and headaches, and to increase energy. Cups are placed on specific points on the surface of the skin. A small amount of skin is then gathered into the cup to release tension, increase circulation and generate energy. Cupping therapy complements other forms of therapy. It can be added on to any massage or Shiatsu session. Benefits: Helps to relieve pain, constipation, insomnia, among others.
30 minutes
Add to any massage for $25

Cellulite Massage
Cellulite massage uses several techniques to naturally reduce the appearance of cellulite on the thighs, hips and buttocks. Dry brushing, massage, cupping and a special blend of essential oils are administered to improve the texture and quality of the skin’s surface. Eight to 10 sessions are recommended to see optimal results; however, clients may see improvement after session four! Benefits: Helps to smooth soft tissue and eliminate excess fluid.
60 minutes

Add a 60-minute float to any massage for $40.
Add a 30-minute float to any massage for $30.

Call RejoovMe with any questions or to schedule your appointment at 952.285.2993

Map Location
3826 Grand Way, St. Louis Park, MN 55416


Spring Coupon
Enjoy $5 off your next massage

Call RejoovMe with any questions or to schedule your appointment at 952.285.2993

Offer Expires: 4/30/09

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I just saw this on the blog ‘wide open spaces’ who saw it on ‘deliajude’…lol and I just wanted to share it with you!!  Because the world is indeed an awesome place..even when we forget it. Its still out there just being awesome.

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On Saturday February 14th and Sunday February 15th Rejoovme is having quite a wonderful special.  You and your hubby can enjoy an hour float each, an hour massage each, plus champagne, strawberries, and chocolates for only $200 TOTAL. The whole spa will be filled with candles and flowers to allure all of your senses and help ease you into deep relaxation.

How Romanticle. The perfect way to celebrate each other and of course relax.


with heart shaped love,


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Oh my goodness, two of my most favorite things are being FUSED together.  YOGA and FLOATING will be offered in St Louis Park @ REJOOVME on Saturday January 24th.  If you have not heard of floating yet, you need to get with the program.  Floating is something that is HUGE in Europe,  Asia and Australia.  Leave it to us Americans though to take our sweet time getting familiar with something that benefits our minds, bodies, and souls.  This Yoga and Float event includes one hour of Yoga in the beautiful studio located on Excelsior and Grand (that adorable neighborhood by Trader Joe’s).  You can enjoy   a half hour float before your yoga experience or after with fruit and H2O to take home for only $65.00.  If you would like to sign up for this please call (952)-285-2993, tell them LULU sent you!!!!

What is “Floating”?
Floating employs a sensory-deprived environment and a bed filled with soothing, warm water and 600-800 pounds of Epsom salt, which allows you to float and forget the worries of the day. Just one hour of floating can be as restful as up to 4 hours of deep sleep. As a result, you will enjoy the remarkable recuperative properties of floating.

Personally, everyone knows I swear by Yoga for energy and relaxation but my newest love in addition to Yoga is FLOATING.  The benefits seriously go ON and ON…

The Many Benefits of Floating float

Reduces stress and induces the natural recuperative
powers of the body:

• Improves cardiovascular efficiency to stimulate blood flow
• Reduces the heart rate and blood pressure
• Strengthens the immune system
• Resets the body’s hormonal and metabolic balances
• Releases the body’s natural painkillers and euphoria
substances — beta-endorphins

Improves athletic performance:

• Speeds recovery
• Breaks down lactic acid
• Anti-gravity environment relieves pressure on joints, muscles and bones
• Allows blood to circulate

Virtually eliminates fatigue and post-event letdown, relieves pain, promotes well-being and self-improvement:

• Reduces muscle pain and back pain
• Reduces pain caused by rheumatism and arthritis
• Relieves insomnia
• Relieves migraines
• Relieves jet lag
• Helps break addictions
• Provides the perfect environment to listen to self-improvement Cd’s
• Alleviates discomfort in the later stages of pregnancy
• Increases creativity, visualization and super learning (e.g., languages)
• Increases the mind’s powers of retention
• Epsom salt leaves skin feeling super soft

You can find out so very much more about floating at rejoovme.com

Namaste! LULU

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