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I was getting all excited about one of my best friends beautiful poetry the other day…  I decided I want to paint my favorite poem by her entitled “HOME” on one of  the walls in my kitchen…or maybe on the wall that I face in my office.  Its a beautiful poem… She is a beautiful writer.  Once I get a hard copy I will be sure to share it with all of you!

Its about Home, and Love, and Nesting and Ruffling your feathers… It always makes me warm and fuzzy when I read it.

This got me poking around on-line, and I noticed some pretty rocking decals for decent prices on Urban Outfitters.  Here’s a better idea though… Find the ones you like and then make stencils.. way more freedom and much more cost effective.

Here are a few of my favs…


Who doesn’t love trees?


cute idea to spruce up some furniture.  Add a little interest.  Art is not only for your walls!


Darling little blue birds…


Spread your wings and fly!!!

All can be found at urbanoutfitters.com

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YES YOU CAN deck your walls out with paper bags if you so choose!!!  Here is one of the many paper bag finishes offer at  Patina Designs.  Terri created a leather look by crumpling up the paper, then treating it like wall paper to adhere to the walls.  Finally, Terri glazed and added some metallic stencils in a random pattern for more DRAMA!!!!

Yay for going Green!

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For those of you trying to sell out there in this..well….we will call it an interesting market, here is a great feature to keep you motivated and inspired.


I’m smitten with the Entry way photo.  I can’t begin to tell you how many entryway transformations my team and I have done.  This serves as a multipurpose change.  If you’re trying to sell or not, your entry way  is one of the first ways you can welcome folks into your home.  I’d really love to see people painting their front doors a little more artistically.  Perhaps some Damask stenciling, or flavorful artwork.  Why not?

An entry should say: “WELCOME” !!!  This is most easily achieved with something as simple as glorious, magical PAINT!!!  Check out how these folks added some good welcoming vibes to their entry way with some little fluffy clouds…

10-things-buyers-bite_1_entryP.S.  We adore painting clouds…so if you’re in the market for some dreamy ceilings… do call!!!

with painty love, lulu

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“Branching Out”
Wallovers stencils have created a new design and its perfect for upcoming Spring or those tree lovers out there.


…is the perfect design for those who want a bold look that can still be classic. There’s nothing like the look of foliage, and you can have it in this updated and stylized design.
In the example above, we started with a black basecoat and stenciled with Ben Moore 2067-70, White Satin. We added a strie finish with Modern Masters ME 591-platinum, then replaced the stencil and in some areas stenciled with a blue interference  powd
er… gorgeous!

No need to cut your stencil or fold it over to complete the ceiling line. The “Topper” is precut for you.
Simply peel off the self-adhesive backing and … stencil away.
You can find more information on wallovers stencils and products @ wallovers.com

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Polka Dots Are At Wallovers!

polka dot
Please visit us at www.wallovers.com

Allover Stencilers…..

Don’t let wallpaper take your wall finish business from you. This versatile Polka Dot repeat design has that great “fabric-like” look. Stencil the full repeat or skip rows for a  different look. In this picture we used Ben Moore HC-73 as a base. The polka dots look great in almost any bright color on this brown base.


Looking for a great accent wall behind a couch or bed? Our Roundabout design is a huge hit in all sorts of color combinations.roundabout Shown here over Modern Masters Metal Effects paint.

Wallovers stencils are easy to use!
You’ll be a damask professional after one job. Just stencil the center portion of the design and then move the stencil using the outer registration marks. The designs will piece together like a puzzle. Then use the Wallover’s “Topper” , a pre-cut, self-adhesive stencil to finish off the ceiling line! You’ll have your customers asking… “where are the seams!!!

Go see Wallovers in Memphis at the IDAL Show
July 22-25
Sign up early for the “Never Say No To Allovers Again” class

idal classs


trade show

The “Allover Brush” by Wallovers. A 1 1/2 inch stencil brush that covers fast for large allover patterns. Keep an eye out for this new brush

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Painted Backsplash

backsplash(Hand-painted Kitchen Backsplash done by HGTV’s Jennifer Bertrand)

She lists the simple directions below:


glossy surface primer
wall paint (Benjamin Moore, Aura Fresh Air, 211)
foam roller
paint brush
small artist’s brush


1. Apply glossy surface primer to the tiles. Regular wall or ceiling primer will not work. Using a foam roller will provide a smooth finish.

2. Once the primer has dried, apply regular wall paint over the primer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for dry times.

3. To add a pattern to the tiles, use a stencil or freehand a design. With a stencil, use a foam roller to apply the paint. To freehand a design, use artist’s brushes.

4. Protect your masterpiece by applying a coat of polyurethane over the entire painted area, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will seal the paint and protect it from the normal wear and tear of a high traffic area such as a kitchen.

You can watch the video HOW TO @: http://www.hgtv.com/paint-over-with-jennifer-bertrand/show/index.html

This is something that I am just desperate to do in my bathroom upstairs.  They currently have a dated accent tile sporadically throughout and are surrounded by off white tiles. I want to paint over them with a crisp white paint…Maybe Benjamin Moore’s White Dove, and then do a black Bohemian Gothica  style stencil with really sharp clean lines…very minimally.  Of coarse I have to wait until I buy the place to get my hands on those tiles but someday this day will come!

Happy Tile and Backsplash Painting to you!


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Oye Vey… the pain is filling me up from the very bottom to my tippity top that I can not attend Melany Royals Morocco trip this January.  I have gotten wind that there is room for ONE more fabulous painter, and feel obligated to share the news with all of you…In hopes that one of you will go and learn everything that you possibly can and come back and share it with me.  OH PLEASE.

morocco-photo-strip-500If you do not know who Melany Royals is, I hope that you will take the time to look over her impressive self via her websites or online blog.  This gal is the queen of the stenciling world and has achieved so many beautiful finishes in her career already.  Her finishes and style are a constant inspiration to myself and every single female and decorative painter that I know of.

She is hosting another trip to Morocco with an intimate group of students to study stencil, paint, and culture, all while taking in the joys of each other and the colorful environment Morocco has to offer.  This will be her 3rd trip this year, and unfortunately from what I hear it may be HER LAST….

lace-color-schemes1(Some of the designs students will be incorporating this trip)

If you have the means to make this trip happen on such short notice I suggest you jump on it, and take advantage of this amazingly colorful and educational opportunity.

to-there(Melany and her team on there last trip!)

Please review her Blog and the trips info listed below, as well as Melany’s website for stencil ideas or more info on Melany…. hmmm  I think I’m feeling the need for another interview!!!!

Blog: http://designamour.com/2009/01/02/last-call-for-marrakech/

Her website: http://royaldesignstudio.com/

Trip info and pricing: http://www.modellodesigns.com/general.asp?idno=535163

pattern-off(Again, Melany and one of her students working in Morocco!)

Happy Color full  New Year to you all!


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