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Next Thursday, April 2nd, Peg, Terri and I with Patina Designs are going to be conducting a seminar called “Paint It Green” for the MAFCS annual conference.  Here is the invitation for you!!!  I’ll hope to see you there. xo LULU


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The girls and I had our second class in a three part series for Sherwin Williams yesterday!  There was a great turn out and all the folks were very involved and asked insightful questions which made things even more exhilarating.

We taught folks all about Armor Faux ( a paint product that can be used as straight paint or as a plaster).  We gave the class some fun ideas of how to play with the product and add some dimension into there homes.  We demonstrated a knock down aged finish, a two level textured stencil finish fit with Spring colors, and a goofy kids room spiral girly gem stone mater piece.  I know what your thinking.. but NO, I didn’t teach the girly one…I did the stencil with fresh greens for Spring.

We all used colors from the 09 color collection and glazed over our works with Illusions glaze, available;e at Sherwin Williams.   Here are some photos of our finishes and the class.  Thank you Sherwin Williams for having us!  Thank you to everyone who came, this includes you Kyle!!! and an even bigger thank you to my talented partners Peg and Terri for always keeping fun, and inspiring!


Metallic knock down finish


some more knock downs


Terri’s swirly girly room creation!


my spring fever grassy green stencil


Peg, Terri and I aka. Patina Designs!

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Well, I really have to tell you how impressed I was yesterday after attending the Sherwin Williams Color forecast conference at the IMS building.  I met Peg of Interiors of Stillwater after a busy day of working and running too many errands for any sane person.  We met in the large industrial style conference room over at IMS for wine, champagne, sparkling water, strawberries, cheese and crackers and of course…a beautiful color lecture.

I do have to admit I do tend to be a little biased when it comes to Sherwin Williams paint stores.  I rarely use them since the Hirshfields is closer to my home, is used primarily by all of my clients, and really seems to understand color trends and the design approach to colors and innovative technologies.

That being said…I’ve been much more involved with Sherwin Williams through a world of different mediums this past year.  And I got to say… they are without a doubt stepping up.  They have been behind on the trends for too many years now and are really starting to get involved with the design world, as well as decorative artists and I am so happy to be on board for the ride.

The forecast was wonderful.  Without further ado….here are the key notes and points of what spoke to me most at the conference:

Sherwin Williams chose the 2009 colors from the influence of 4 major categorizes, Global Tapestry, Techno Color, Local momentum and Conscious luxury.

Techno Color:  The automotive industry was involved in the inspiration for this section.  Typically a automotive company will wait 4, 5,  or 6 years before they introduce a new color.  They wait this long in an effort to bluedarkroomsee whats truly accepted and sticking in color trends, versus what may just be a fad. We were shown photos of futuristic looking suzikis with crimson hues and eco-friendly jeeps.  Another “trend” mentioned as pulled from these inspirational vehicles are HIGH GLOSS finishes in bold solid colors.

We were shown images of a car model made strictly by mimicking the aerodynamics of a type of oceanic fish in “auto industry meets biomimicry”.  We were shown a wild innovation known as phosphorescent paint in the  technological inspiration section as well as cell phone skins, and various sustainable and carbon footprint decreasing types of architectural buildings.   (This phosphorescent photo was pulled from http://www.archidose.org/Blog/bluedarkroom.jpg)

We were also shown images of chandeliers made from old car reflectors and an ottoman made entirely of old flip flops.  Needless to say Sherwin’s is all for the environment, but more on that later.

Next up was the inspiration from Conscious Luxury.  Costa Rica was first mentioned as a travel destination and as being a mecca for eco-friendly lodges and get aways.  There was mention of the Virgin Atlantic Airline and its involvement in decreasing airline and travelers carbon footprints with there offsetting program.

All natural Diamonds were brought up, as well as electric cars, bikes, The Tesla Roadster owned by the likes of Matt Damon and George Clooney.  The beauty of this is that the speaker mentioned people are making an effort to help the environment but they want everybody to know they are…and referenced those bags clearly labeled “this is not a plastic bag”.  I know you have seen one somewhere.

faar_ilist_linda_loudermilk_hEcoluxe designer Linda Laudermilk was mentioned for her organic looking soft tones and innovation making all her garmets from eco fibers. View http://www.wmagazine.com/fashion/2007/10/linda_loudermilk for more information.

Next up was the inspiration of Global Tapestry… this was the section that spoke to me the most.  Being the savvy traveler and the wild color lover  that I am I just burst with giddiness at the wondrous colors and there origins of influence including St. Petersburg Russia, Sao Paulo Brazil, Indonesia, and Jaipur India.  In each of these countries they spent a special amount of attention on the little things.  The great little details including an extravagant historical costume in Russia.  This is where they pulled the 09 Alex SW0060 color.  Street signs, restaurants, cuisine and other locations for tropical tones and whimsical shapes were all  pfirstsceneulled from eco-friendly businesses and home owners for color influence from Brazil.

Paper was a very large source of color inspiration in Jaipur, India.  We were shown lovely messes of ink from exotic paper manufacturers and reminded that sometimes the most lovely things can be pulled from what most preserve as a mess.  I believe the Plummy SW6558 color was pulled from the paper influence. As well as lovely dusty roses and violets, beautiful pink corals, all from paper pulps and such.

This Raj type inspiring tent is from http://www.aucklandzoo.co.nz/Homepage/Plan-Your-Visit/Venues/Outdoor-Venues/.

Lastly we learned of the Local Momentum category which included local farmers markets, building gardens, planted outdoor furniture, fruit maps, and buildings with exteriors which are gardens.  Yes, I did say Echo Fruit Maps… apparently there is a company in Los Angeles that sells maps of where all the Public Property Fruit trees are.  If I were homeless I would be there.


All in all, the forecast was wonderful, inspiring, and very very informative.  You can view more information about the Sherwin Williams 09 Color line or read up on what the company is doing to change the way we treat paint at: http://www.sherwin-williams.com/pro/paint_colors/paint_color_trends/2009/forecast-influences/index.jsp

Thank you Sherwin’s for such a lovely experience!

yours in color, LULU

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