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Welcome from Lulu

Welcome to my first weblog for Lulu Painting!  

I’ve been painting the world beautiful colors for years now but blogging is new territory that I am extra excited about.   I’ve kept a pack rats collection of inspirational folders and boxes of ideas for too long now.  Folders that are overflowing with fun ideas, tasty colors, fresh designs, and numerous avenues for inspiration at home and for good clean living.  Finally, I have the means to catalog them all, and at last share each them with YOU.

My hope  for this  blog is that it will become a means to inspire my clients to take risks, to showcase wonderful designers that I have the great pleasure of working with,  to share a wealth of new ideas and colors, and to showcase what all of us at Lulu Painting are doing to change the world of house painting, one wall at a time!

Welcome & of coarse Big Smiles,



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