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My girlfriend Destiny is dating a lovely man named David Menne.  David is a UFC fighter, and for the past 3 years he has been out of commission dealing with lime disease.  He is a champion fighter but due to his sickness became so weak he couldn’t fight anymore and as a result lost his endorsements and contracts with UFC.

David was a killer before he got sick.  Everyone knew his name and he flew to places like Vietnam and Japan to  fight. He spent his time away from his life’s work teaching fighters like Roger Huerta and others.  Not one of his students have lost a fight under his lead.  Destiny describes his fighting style to me like poetry…she exclaims that he fights like a game of Russian Roulette, I’ll let you use your imagination in fear of giving away too much.

He is such a sweet strong man and has fought for so long and so hard to be back in the cage and to have the strength to fight again.  This past Friday David went out to Oklahoma for his first fight after gaining his strength back by being a  vigilant warrior with his diet and exercise program.  He fought against a man named Norman Paisley, who I hear is a pretty mean looking “Martha Focker”.

Destiny was beside herself with anxiety about the fight.  The past few months have been a series of  long drawn out conversations between the two of us…Her exploding with her love for him and  also her fear of sabotaging her relationship by being too much of an emotional female during these important times.  Me, reminding her how amazing she is, and how lucky they are to have found each other.

We spent a total of 4 hours talking on the phone the day before his fight.  We knew he was going to win, but the pressure seemed so thick right before hand, that she couldn’t distinguish which direction to fall, even naturally, it was all a dizzying energy that I tried blindly to guide her through.

They met as she danced  on his fighting stage a year ago.  The night of his come back fight Destiny had to stay home due to her fears and finances.  The night of Davids fight Destiny got booked to dance for Bad Boy Bill at Epic Nightclub.  She stepped on stage at the exact same time that David was fighting and instinctively knew that they were both hearing the music and dancing their own dance at the same time.  Destiny was the first on stage in a line of dancers and after her first 15 minutes were up, after she spent those 15 minutes singing to him from home, she ran to her phone and got the text message we knew would eventually come.


This is a whole new time for him and them now.  I’m so happy for him, Congratulations David!!!  I’ll be heading to Chicago on May 15th with Destiny to hold her hand, while her man fights through his comeback.  If  Britney can do it, then so can David!!!  He has a whole world of supporters out there, everyone wants him to be back and he finally  is!  What an exciting year 2009 has already turned out to be.

Never Ever Ever Give Up!

love, lulu

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